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Noun, / THreSH (h)old/

  1. the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a reaction, phenomenon, or condition to manifest.


  2. the point at which a physical, psychological, or spiritual effect begins to develop.


  3. the point of entering or beginning.



We are open and serving clients during the Covid-19 pandemic. We offer video, telephone, and in-person sessions at our office and appropriate outdoor settings.




We serve individuals, couples, and groups, integrating a holistic blend of therapeutic and growth-oriented modalities and specializations, encompassing body, mind, and spirit based approaches. As diverse individuals ourselves, we welcome people of all cultures, races, creeds, sexual orientations, and gender identities. We seek to bring together the best fruits of the ancient wisdom traditions, current evidence-based therapies, and progressive approaches that expand the possibilities of practice. Our goal is to create a safe space for compassionate healing work, one that is empowered to potentialize individuals’ ongoing process of development, integration and actualization. We believe strongly in transparency and collaboration in counseling, and will actively seek to demystify the counseling process. We invite you to step into your own power and guidance. Human beings are complex. There is no single counselor or therapeutic method that will be the best “medicine” for each person. We represent an integrated balance of perspectives and practical approaches to meet you in the unique space you occupy in both your outer and inner life. We chose the word threshold as a conceptual keystone to symbolize our commitment to transformation - journeying with our clients as they approach the boundaries of significant change to cultivate peace, joy, self-knowledge, and mastery as they define it. 

“The most precious opportunity presents itself when we think we think we can’t handle whatever is happening.”

— Pema Chödrön


Adam’s goal in counseling is to help alleviate suffering by providing a safe, comfortable space to work through the challenges, get perspective, and learn new tools. However, as he sees it, the process of counseling is in service of this broader arc of self development.... [more]

You can find Sonja and her updated website at

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